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The difference usage between 2-methyl furan in large scale production and by-product 2-methyl furan

author:The international trade-Shirley source:Shandong YINO Number:441 dates:2017-12-13

2-methyl furan (CAS NO. 534-22-5) is one of the important industrial raw materials, and used in the production of a variety of pesticides, pharmaceutical intertes. 2-methyl furan is divided into by-product and large scale production in the market. By-product 2-methyl furan is one low boiling production, and produced in the hydrogenation of furfuryl alcohol (FA) in the production process. The by-product 2-methyl furan generally accounts for little 2% of furfuryl alcohol. For reducing environmental pollution, improving the quality of economic efficiency, and protecting the quality of main product, the FA manufacturers mostly recycle the by-product 2-methyl furan. But compared with large scale production, recycling 2-methyl furan is rarely used because of high content impurities. For example, it cannot be used in producing pharmaceutical intertes.
2-methyl furan with large scale has high purity as over 99% in our factory, and
the annual capacity is 5000MTs. The application range of this product is wide as follows:

1、Used in solution polymerization as solvent;

2、used for synthetizing pentylene, pentadiol, acetyl propanol, ketone and 2-methyl tetrahydrofuran.

3、In pharmaceuticals industry, 2-methyl furan is used for synthetizing vitamin B1, chloroquine phosphate, primaquine phosphate, etc. 

4、2- methyl furan has an anesthetic effect&。